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Interlocking thoughts
I took my first test for Accounting today.  Well, the first half of my first test, we did multiple choice today and will do problems on Thursday.  I think I did okay, and am grateful I checked my work because there was at least one answer I had right on the test where I had filled in the wrong bubble on the scantron thingy.

Speaking of the scantron thingys - I had to buy my own at the bookstore for the test.  It was five for $1.70 or something, but really?  The college can't supply scantron sheets?  On the flip side of that - at least half a dozen students came to the room without one.  It had been on the syllabus and was mentioned again in an email the professor sent out last week that everyone needed to have them.  Each time some other student in the room handed a spare over.  I suppose I should be impressed by the kindness, but I wanted to say 'the bookstore is that way a single sheet is less than 50 cents and it shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes to get there and back'.  Do I think it's stupid that we have to bring our own?  Yes.  Do I think you're a little stupid if you can't follow basic directions?  Also yes.

Studying for the test yesterday afternoon I reached a point where I really wanted to take a nap, but hadn't finished the practice tests yet.  I finished the practice tests, but it's a little hard to feel like a grown up when your life choices are study for test or nap.
While napping is always a valid life choice, I currently have medical reasons for needing them.  I have been off my thyroid medication since August 28 prepping for my one year follow-up scan.  As of Friday's bloodwork my TSH was 24.  The good about this is the faster I get out of balance the sooner I can do the scan (we're aiming for TWH>=40) and then start taking my meds again.  The bad about this was proven at 9p last night when I was entirely out of gas.  Apparently I am past the point where napping is an option, especially given that I have to be alert at work in the evenings.  Now I am all for naps, but given commute traffic my usual plan is to leave the apartment by 4p and then kill time at the other end until I can get into the theatre.  Since public napping is frowned on, I may have to get creative.
Following on that is the idea that I might be back on my meds way sooner than expected (maybe even by this weekend).  That, combined with the fact that my show didn't extend, means I might be free to go to my cousin's wedding which I previously thought there was no way I could do.  Except, I've already RSVP'd for the event no.  There's no guarantee this will work out, but given my previous RSVP should I even start looking?  A poll:

Poll #1618805 RSVP etiquette

Is it okay to change your response after you've already RSVP'd to an event?

Yes - always.
Yes if it's family
Yes if it's still more than X amount of time until event (X defined in comments)
Yes as long as it's just you - no guests
No - always
No with a caveat explained in comments
You actually respond to RSVPs?
Ticky RSVP!

Having just finished laundry I will leave with this thought - good luck is finding a whole kleenix in your basket of dry clothes.

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I'm in awe that you are taking accounting. Math wizzes just blow my crippled mind. Good for you.

In regard to RSVP, it depends on the type of function, but let's say about a month in advance if you need to change your mind, but any change, depending on the occasion and your personal situation, should be acceptable. Stuff happens that can't be helped. Such is life. At least you're letting them know instead of springing the change without notice.

Did any of that make sense? I think I just babbled incoherently. I'm sorry.

Edited at 2010-09-14 10:12 pm (UTC)

Well it's accounting 100 so I don't feel like a whiz yet - but thanks.

It makes perfect sense. The issue is I can't make a call one way or another until I know I'm back on my meds and the event is Sept 25th, so already less than two weeks away. It's family, and if my aunt and uncle are paying I know they won't mind, it just feels a little awkward this close to the date.

No ticky boxes up there :( I had to bow out of my cousin's wedding a couple of years ago -- we'd RSVP'd saying we'd be there, when lo and behold an emergency came up at work and I was the only one available who could be there. Needless to say, we rescinded, my cousin was furious, and we haven't spoken since then. Can't say I blame her.

Other than that, no -- if you RSVP, barring death/serious injury or illness, you keep that date.

I become a wet dishrag if I miss my meds for two days or more. The first day I'm not so bad. By the second you have to figuratively peel me off the floor. I also lose any appetite. The first time it happened I just sat there staring at my dinner plate. Then I almost nodded off into it.

In this case I RSVP'd no because a month ago there was no way, and now there seems to be a glimmer of possibility. Since it's only a glimmer I suppose I should just not worry about it unless it happens.

Are you on T3 or T4 medication? I'm on T4 so it takes me longer to tip over the edge. I was reasonably okay for the first week (9/3 TSH=2) but since then have been getting meh quickly. Wet dishrag is a good description - I went to bed at 11:30 last night and couldn't sleep, but couldn't imagine getting back up to do anything else either so I just stayed. Interestingly I'm hungry for fried, starchy foods, though I suppose that's more about psychic comfort foods than what my body needs.

Having to buy your own scantron sheets is silly- I cannot understand how the college came to that decision.

How large is your class? If it's between 25-50 students, I say the prof should just have you circle the answer or write them on the front of the exam and mark it by hand.

I'm never amazed at how student miss the simple directions- so many people hand assignments in to me without their name on it.

On the RSVP- I'd contact your cousin, and tell her the situation and ask if there is space- but be prepared for either answer.

Thank you - I know I'm a tad old fogey about this whole back in college thing but buying scantrons seemed ridiculous. I think our class settled at about 45 students - and we had to hand back the test with the sheet since there were two versions so he knew which was which. In fact I think he was then marking the scantrons by hand which makes the whole thing seem a bit silly.

Yeah, I think I'm going to wait and see since the imaging center has a bit of a backlog so it may be a moot point anyway. But if it turns out to be a possibility I will call instead of just showing up, there's headcount and seating charts (if they're being formal) and stuff to be adjusted.

I think it's always ok to change an RSVP *unless* it's something like a wedding where they spent money based on the number of people *and* it's not an emergency. It's rude to just change your mind on short notice if it actually affects the hosts, but in general I don't think we're obligated not to change our minds or our plans.

Having to buy your own scantron sheets is ridiculous. Right now I'm wishing I'd taken some accounting at some point, because work is making my little bitty brain 'splody.

This is funky because it's a wedding reception, but not a wedding - my cousin eloped in Vegas in June. If it's a typical Up North party that my Aunt and Uncle are paying for I have no problem swapping my no to a yes, they'd be happy I was there and the whole thing would be more casual anyway. If it's my cousin doing her own thing, then I feel less comfortable even asking. Eh, at this point the whole thing may be moot (the Dr at the imaging center will get back to me by the end of the week) so we'll see.

Heh, I just wonder how much of what I'm learning now has any bearing on accounting in the real world, since we're still doing all of it by hand.

I do all my accounting by hand, or at least by Excel. I may be using formulas for the math, but I'm not sure what you expect to be automated/computerized in the "real world" that would make what you're learning obsolete? (If that sounds snarky or something I don't mean it to be at all- I just feel like I'm missing a piece of your thought process.)

Nope your point is a good one, if you're in Excel then other than the fact of not having to write out the account names over and over (I am so tired of the words expense and receivable) then it wouldn't be so different. Our professor keeps talking about accounting software that will do all of these steps for you and made it sound like that software is ubiquitous. I suppose it really depends on where you're working.

It definitely depends on where you work. If you're in a small business environment you will probably use Peachtree or Quickbooks (or maybe some proprietary software), but everyone here uses complex Excel sheets in addition to the mainframe systems, and basically reconciles our records to what the top-level system says.

I think it's okay to change your responce. Sometimes life just happens, and we have to make unpleasant choices. I would provide an explanation and an apology to the person or persons involved, delivered in person if possible and over the phone if not.

Aw thanks. I RSVP'd a no that has the small possibility of becoming a yes which I think is a bit more difficult. If it turns out to be possible I'll talk to my mom and then to my aunt and or cousin to figure out if it really is okay to add one more to their head count at this late date.

For a wedding specifically, you can change your RSVP if the changing is happening before whatever deadline the invite said for RSVPing. In that sitch you still need to talk to the peeps and make sure it's cool, since they are spending money based on number of people, and you don't want to fuddle their tally by switching in between. But as long as it's before the deadline they set, should be alright. After that, it'd probably just add more stress to them to change things. It might not be as bad to change your mind about attending the ceremony only, and depending on the relationship it might make them really happy that you can suddenly attend. But yeah, you don't mess with a headcount.

But yeah, you don't mess with a headcount.

That's what I'm thinking. And the RSVP date is past, as the event is Sept 25th. Right now it's looking less likely anyway, and the fun of seeing family would be offset by the stress of trying to plan a trip to another state on short notice. Mom sent me an email today that if I can make it she'll talk to my aunt and square the +1 with them, but I don't want to make anyone's world more difficult this close to the date.

Were it my wedding, I would totally let you come because there's always people who say they are going to come and then do not. Or you could tell her you just want to share in the joy of the event, but you do not need to eat the food :P

That's totally silly you have to buy your own scantron sheets.

Honestly, that's the way our family weddings usually work, and if my aunt and uncle are paying for things I wouldn't feel too bad about flipping my answer this close to the date. But the imaging center Dr is out today so we won't begin to even discuss scheduling until tomorrow, which means I probably wouldn't be able to pull it off anyway.

Right? Add another $1 to the student fees and call it done.

I guess X depends on what sort of thing it is, but life happens... you should be able to change a RSVP as long as you give some notice. If you suddenly find you can go to something, well if you've been asked then I'm sure they'd be glad to have you and be happy with a no changing to a yes! Just as long as it's not like three days beforehand. ;) Likewise changing a yes to a no... that sucks but as long as you don't do it, like, the night before then it's cool.

This would be a no to a yes, and I'm know the aunts and uncles at least would be excited to see me. But the imaging center is being slow about getting back to me with an appointment time so I think the whole thing is moot anyway.

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