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So i spent yesterday at klutz, got home and fell asleep for over an hour on the couch 'reading', got up, watched tv, had dinner, went to bed. This isn't my life. My life has gotten hijacked somewhere. I'm actually already missing the show, not to miss the show, but to have something I have to do. I have free time, and i don't know what to spend it on anymore. And though I have friends around, I'm more the introverted type which leads to evenings alone. Besides which I'm not usually this available so I feel awkward just inserting myself into their lives which are already carefully planned.

Example: the midnight movie at the aquarius for this friday and saturday night is "flesh gordon" (yes i spelled that correctly) the director's cut, yet, of a classic 70's porn movie. I'd love to go. But it's not a movie you can invite just any of your friends to. The two people most likely to be amused, D and wibbers, aren't options for a variety of reasons, and I can't go by myself. Don't try to convince me otherwise a woman alone at a porn movie is not the aura I'm going for, desperate yes, that desperate no.

So who knows. Looks like a really long weekend.
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