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I got a call from the imaging center at 10am this morning, and luckily I hadn't had breakfast yet.  I went in so we could do paperwork  and things and then took my 'special' pill.  It's the same thing they gave me last year to make me radioactive, but since they only need to track it this time instead of trying to kill things it's an incredibly small dose.  Now we wait 48 hours for it to get through my system and then I go in for the scan on Friday.  Yay!

i sometimes wonder if doctors actually talk to each other.  The imaging office was surprised I was off my meds completely since they don't ever recommend that, which I'm wishing they would have spoken up about earlier.  Probably wouldn't have changed anything, but... In any case, it's over soon and I'm much calmer now that there's a plan.  For those keeping track other than me, on Monday my TSH was 81. And I'm sitting in my apartment wearing fingerless glove because my hands are so cold.
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