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really different things
mirror girl  Rockwell
Are any of you hockey fans?  I joined a fantasy hockey league that a friend is running so there'd be enough folks but I know next to nothing about hockey.  I've never seen a game live, never even watched a game from beginning to end.  I've been pre-ranking players for my draft tomorrow based on things like their fantasy rankings from yahoo, how strong their teams are supposed to be, if they have cool names, and if they're cute.  (Hey it's a system.  Not a good one but...)  Anyway, if anyone has a favorite player to recommend I'd be all for it.


Also, I never came back to update after my actual scan was done.  I got the call from my endo on Wednesday, the scans looked great.  They showed minimal uptake in the areas you'd expect (stomach, salivary glands, nasal passages) but nothing in the neck, or the lymph nodes, or in a random other place that could be scary.  They also did a specific uptake scan to measure how much RAI was absorbed by the area around where my thyroid number was, and the number was negligible enough to read as zero.  So that means we were successful in killing my thyroid dead to give the cancer no place to grow back in - and that as of one year later I remain cancer free.  Woot.

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Yes, indeed, It's nice to have this phase of stuff done.

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Thanks - it's one of those things where I didn't realize how stressed I was until I didn't have to be anymore.

Hooray for clean scans!

I like hockey, but I don't know enough about it to be any help.

Thanks, the good news on the medical front still makes me smiley.

I have a feeling I'm either going to end up knowing way too much about hockey, or becoming frustrated and not paying attention at all. Heh.

I know, right! Yay for dead cancer!

Yay for cancer free!!!

You know, I love hockey, but I only know about 12 players in the NHL. So I think your system is a good one :D

Thanks! It's nice to have all of the big messy stuff about this done with.

We drafted last night and at least a few times I went for the lower ranked but cuter player once I was down to filling out my bench. We'll see how it works out.

Nice team!

I like your team you drafted!

Excellent news on the medical front! I'm really happy for you!

Thanks so much. It's one of those things you don't realize are worrying you until it's done and the worry goes away.

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