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Why do I hate making phone calls so much?  I've never been a hang out on the phone and chat type but today my to do list includes two phone calls and instead I'm here typing about them.

The first would be to the company that is holding my IRA rolled over from a 401k of like 12 years ago, I want to roll that into my current 401K at the new company.  I've already spoken to the new company, the older company, and my fund office once this week, but everyone is telling me slightly different things.  And because my current plan is through my union my plan administrator is in another state which means I can't just sit at someone's desk until it's all solved.  I think I know what I need to do but it involves mailing things to point A for a signature, and then forwarding the now signed documents to point B so this has a high potential for fail.  I know the smart thing to do is just set aside some time and make phone calls back and forth until I can explain things better / find people who understand what it is up.  But ugh.

The second thing is closing a store credit card.  Which would be simple except I thought I closed this card last year.  I was being responsible and got a copy of my credit report last week and noticed that the card is listed as inactive, but not closed, which means the credit gods still consider that credit I have access too.  But when I closed the account (I thought) last year, I shredded the card and got rid of the associated paperwork since I hadn't made a charge since 2006.  So I don't know my account number, or the right phone number to call.  I get why I'm putting this one off, it's going to suck.

Both of these are on my to do list because I'm trying to be a responsible adult about my money, it seems unfair that they're this difficult.  Maybe the phone calls will look easier after lunch.
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