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I've been away from my computer for most of the last week or two.  It was less a choice and more being busy trying to finish random things before going back on contract for my next show.  So I'm behind in reading here, but hope to catch up eventually.

Life is feeling generally overwhelming right now, so of course I've decided to add something else to my to do lists.  This is my declaration that I'm going to try writing for therealljidol again this year.  It may be one thing too many, but I don't want to look around in two weeks and then be bummed that I missed out.

For the folks reading here that means you'll be seeing an introduction sometime tomorrow, and my weekly (or so) response to the topics posted, as well as occasional meta and links over to the voting thread.  I made a deal with myself in the first season that I've stuck to, so I will never link to the poll / request votes more than once a polling period, and I won't make more than one only Idol-related post in a week.  It's a balance that's worked for me so far.

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