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1) I will not drink more than two cocktails / mixed drinks in one evening.

2) I will not drink Bailey's ever again.

These resolutions are brought to you by the feeling queasy, the number four (way too many), and the sentiment that I am too old for this shit anymore.  What I remember of the party was fun though.

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Feel free to just send me all your Baileys ;)

I hope you had more fun than you remember, and sorry you feel sick!!

We don't have any Baileys in the house, actually. But sadly it seems to trigger illness when I drink it along with pretty much anything else. Really, it was the large amount of vodka's fault, but there was Baileys at the end.

I had a lot of fun, I just have to remember to look at how big the drinks are as well as how many I'm having.

lol... good resolutions to have. lol... hope you're feeling better. :-)

I'm feeling fine today. But all day Sunday I was a little bit - off. I repeat, I'm too old for this shit.

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