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I ran a race yesterday. 

-I'm not sure how long it was which is odd; it was advertised as a 9k (which is 5.58 miles) but there was a 9k sign about four and a half blocks before the finish.  I've decided it was six miles.

-It was upper 50's / low 60's, cloudy, and a bit rainy at the start.  The rain and wind picked up at times during the race.  This is fabulous running weather, if really bad standing around after you finish weather.

-I finished in 59:07 by my watch (59:23 by the clock).  That's less than ten minute miles.  As an adult I have never run less than ten minute miles in any race, no matter the distance, ever.  Go me!!!

-A friend was running it as well.  I was able to double back after finishing and run the last few blocks in with her which was fun.  Afterwards she said that she hoped someday to be "fast like me".  I've never, ever been the fast one so that was very cool.

-The race t-shirts and finishers charms are cute.

This will be my last race of this year.  Currently I'm thinking about the Oakland half-marathon which is in March, and will make sure I start running again in January.  My goal is to keep running through the next few months even when I don't want to, year end and the holidays is always when I fall apart.
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