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Idol - draft


The alarm goes off. I roll over and fumble for the snooze button on my cell phone, returning the room to silence. My thoughts drift…


Is it that time already? Didn’t I just lie down?

I cannot get used to it being this light out this early. 

Wouldn’t it be fun if it could be light out – I could float through my three mile run and bounce to work instead of driving.

I wonder if someone could jump off the moon?

They’d have to put up signs – Do Not Jump With All of Your Might.

Which would be sad, because shouldn’t we all do everything with all of our might?

“Here I come to save the day! Mighty Mouse is on the way!”

Is that how that goes?

Mmm the bed is warm.

I have to go for a run this morning. 

I don’t want to. Well, I do - or at least I’m always happy about it after I finish. If only I could somehow finish before I run. That would be awesome. All I would have to do is bend time.

Bending time - I could totally make that work. All I’d have to do is …




The alarm goes off again.

(So I haven't quite decided about liking this for the topic yet, but I do like the way it turned out anyway.  This may go away and be replaced with the Idol verbage or it might stay this.  Who knows?)




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