Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

Where I've been...

I realized that I've been feeling reasonably post-y lately but it isn't showing up for all of you.  I've been working on writing out five things to be grateful for daily.  It's suppposed to run for 30 days total, but at this point I'm only managing around every other day.  But if anyone else wants to come over and read, or join in, those posts are at gratitude_share .  During the current show, which I swear is eating my soul, forcing myself to think of five good things every day is good for me (or even the every other day I'm managing).

I haven't been telling show stories here because I don't want to dwell on the nastiness.  And the show is most of my life, so... I've been quiet.  Eventually I will have things other than Idol to talk about again, promise.
Tags: gratitude, quiet

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