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Day 24 [48 days of gratitude]
(if you do two in one day your total days spanned goes down)

1.  Not only were yummy homemade chocolate chip and cherry cookies delivered during the matinee, but the crew saved one for me.
2.  I have a routine established for taking my vitamens and have been really good for two weeks in a row again.
3.  My period is over for another month!  (I'm glad I'm healthy etc, but could do without the cramps)
4.  When I got home last night and flipped the light switch, a string of colored lights on the wall came on.  J did some decorating while I was at work, which was a lovely surprise.
5.  I am caught up on my flist, for the first time since Thanksgiving.

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J is so freaking cute!! I'm getting an LJ-crush-by-proxy on him.

By the way, you just did what I've done a bunch of times - this is on your journal instead of gratitude_share.

I still have periodic crushes on J, if that's what they can be called when we've been dating for almost four years.

Boo. I had the window open for a long time but I could have sworn I had it going to the right place. I wonder if LJ defaults to your journal after a while. Off to repost.

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