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It was pointed out to me recently that I have been neglecting this journal.  I finally finished my 30 days of gratitude project so I figured I should show up over here again. 

Work-wise the show with all the drama closed with a whimper, and the concert that came in after was a lot of fun, but I was so burnt out by the previous experience I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I should have.  My fault, to be sure, but a little disappointing anyway.  As usual I'm living life backwards from everyone else, at the top of this week when everyone else was going back to work I am looking at 3.5 weeks to my next contract.  I'm having trouble getting motivated to get much done around the apartment, I think I need some sit on my ass time to fully recover.

The holiday itself was nice.  J and I both had the 25th off and it was a quiet day.  We ate good food, both spent a lot of time on the phone to our respective families, and watched zombie movies.  (Remember I wasn't really in a holiday mood this year.)  I finally sent out the remainder of my holiday cards yesterday, figuring that Jan 6 is still in the holiday zone.  Many thanks to my previous roommate who forwarded me several cards that still went to my old digs (all from family).

Otherwise life is quiet right now.  I'm trying to catch up on the things that ended up on my long term to do list during the show, and feeling like I want to remove some clutter from my life.  It's also the time of year for all of the Oscar bait movies so I end up taking myself to matinees a lot to try and see everything.  At the same time I want to balance that with reading more, by my count I read ten fewer books last year than in 2009, though the movies I watched nearly doubled (yay netflix).  I'm getting my mileage back up to get ready for a 10k at the end of January, and am planning to run a half-marathon at the end of March. 

Generally my life right now feels like fallow time, a space to rest and plant the seeds of good ideas and habits to move forward with.  It's wonderful to have the luxury of time to spend like this.
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