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Being home all week means I have been cooking dinners most nights, which I rather enjoy.  I think it's the difference of cooking for two, instead of just myself.  Anyway last night I was making a creamy chicken dish that is one of our favorites.  I took the big frying pan off the stovetop to deglaze the yummy crispy bits, and set the pan on a potholder that was there.  (The potholder was one I had made using the Klutz potholder book so it was particularly bright and colorful.)  Then I set the pan back on the burner to add the cream and slowly stir it up.

I noticed the pan wasn't reheating as quickly as it usually does.  Then I noticed some smoke, and a nasty smell coming from under the pan.  The burner had been clear just moments before so it didn't make any sense.  I lifted up the pan to find -

the potholder melting to the coils.  Apparently it stuck to the bottom of the pan.  It's kind of beautiful since whatever it was made of melted but the center is still intact so it's fabric and then melty plasticy goo in the same color pattern.  J and I are talking about hanging it on the wall.

Everytime I think I'm getting into the cooking groove something at this level of stupidity happens.  We're off to OSH to buy a new burner.

(I got a new camera for Christmas that I haven't figured out yet.  But I'll need to get pictures of this and post it, so you can all appreciate how pretty my disaster was.)
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