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So last night rehearsal ended at 6:30pm.
I left colony at 9:30pm.

Today rehearsal starts at 1pm (and the sm call was 12:15)
I arrived at 10:15.

My to do list is still not fully eradicated.

This is me - waving goodbye to my life for a while.


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what the hell? 6:30 does not usually become 9:30 right away... so ... dwah?

Never forget the new musical aspect. The report is taking a good chunk of time each night, and since we're writing the next day's schedule nightly that's an extra 30 min by the time we figure it out and I type. And then there are the script changes. Last night was a little crazy time, the report, schedule, and organizing the piles of paper that had attacked me this week.

You sure you don't want to be a stage manager when you grow up? (tee hee hee)

hmmm, let me think. yeah, doesn't sound like the most fun for me :) but it would beat wrangling kids. UGH. they were really getting to me today.

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