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Vegas, baby

J and I had been talking about taking a vacation just for us, and finally the stars aligned enough for us to be able to do so. 

Saturday we got on a plane and went to Vegas.  When we arrived we checked into the hotel and then went searching for a CVS.  That was followed by finding a sports bar to watch the Packer game.  (Somewhere in the second half as the Packers were pulling away an Atlanta fan at the next table asked why this was fun, I pointed out that it was a nice change of pace, winning by 30 instead of losing by 3. Whee!)  After the game and way too much beer, we walked a little further and went to the Bellagio, we had 10p tickets to "O".  I had seen the show a decade ago and J never had.  It was stunning, there were a few new acts and all of the stuff I remembered was still there (the high dive!).  By the time the show was over we just took a slow meandering walk back to the hotel, had one last drink and went to bed.

Sunday I wanted to walk.  I hadn't been to Vegas years and I was amazed at how many new, giant hotels there were on the strip.  There were a few places that we specifically wanted to visit, and we wandered in and out of a lot of places.  I am amused that every hotel now seems to come with its very own shopping center, and that every center seems to have the exact same stores - I suppose most folks don't visit more than one set of shops in a day.  Also, there are no book stores on the strip.  We had a really good lunch (best onion rings ever) and in the afternoon we split up for a while so J could gamble some while I kept wandering.  We got back to our hotel to put on pretty clothes and then went to see "Ka" which neither J nor I had ever seen.  Oh, how I want a backstage tour.  Or enough money to go for several nights in a row so I can focus on a different corner.  It was so good.  We saw the earlier show and went to a late dinner, another fabulous meal.  Then we went back to our hotel; J gambled some more while I hung over the back of his chair.

Monday we got up, checked out, and went to the airport to come home.  It was a whirlwind trip that was mostly focused on seeing shows ("Ka" has been on my list of must see for years) which was perfect for me, though I feel bad that J didn't get quite as much time to sit at a blackjack table as he may have liked.  It was a nice chance to just be somewhere else and not have anything to worry about except each other.

I am working this week on a writer's retreat that TW does.  Essentially they bring in writers with new projects in process (this time all musicals) and give them the space to work without distractions.  I'm here because we also hire a few actors for this week who are available to sing or read as necessary so the authors can here what things sound like out of their heads.  It's a really neat idea, if a little frustrating to my organized soul.  Having actors just hanging out goes against so many self-imposed rules of scheduling.
This means I will be working this Sunday during the Packers/Bears game which is sad.  I'll have to sneak a beer in at some point during the afternoon just so I feel like I'm rooting for my team appropriately.
My jaw is still sore more often than not, though it hasn't gotten stuck again.  I need to make an appointment to see the doctor next week, I'm just not sure where to start.  
The LJIdol topic this week is 'Icarus'.  I have a lot of interesting ideas or phrases in my head, but nothing to build a whole entry on, at least not yet.  In my head everything feels like poetry, but I'm not so great at that so I may keep pushing until I find another shape for things.

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