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So today is my day off.  Yay for days off!  I've only got two show related things on my to do list and they're both fairly minor so I should be able to take care of them tomorrow morning.  My plan for today was mostly to have a quiet day at home, catching up on a few things, watching tv etc.  Maybe see a movie tonight.

At 8:30am the downstairs neighbor's alarm went off.  I think it's the alarm, maybe they just listen to the radio early.  In any case it's Howard Stern.  Loudly enough to be heard clearly in my bedroom.  Clearly means word for word.  This has been going on now for a few weeks.  I'm thinking of leaving a note on their door to explain that I work second shift and if they could turn the volume down enough that i can't hear every word that would be nice.  But being that it's after 8am I have no lease things to fall back on.

And right now - there are gas powered trimmers going over all of the bushes outside, which they started on after they replaced the railing in the stairwell next to the apartment - think saws alls to remove the old one and power drills for attachment.  I'm watching tv, can't hear it at all, but I'm watching it. 

I know Monday is the first day back to work for 90% of the world, I know they have to do things in the daytime when the workers are available.  I know it isn't actually personal.

But right now - it sure as hell feels like someone's got it in for me ever being able to relax.

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