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- The Packers are in the Super Bowl!  I have to work on that Sunday!  When I first talk to the director I'm going to have to acknowledge this reality and see if there's any wiggle I can get in the day at all.  Not being able to watch the game would be heartbreaking.

- Classes have started for the spring semester.  I ended up dropping a class, which I still feel a little bad about.  It was a hybrid class with meetings on campus every other Monday evening, and then the remainder online.  From that description I thought I could do it, Monday is my day off and I figured that I could give up half of them.  But once I read the syllabus it turns out that the weeks that aren't on campus you still need to be at a computer during the class hours, participating in discussion, etc.  It sounds neat, but I wasn't willing to give up the evening of my only day off for four months.  Instead I added the second half of the excel class I was already taking.  So I went from 9 credits to 6.5 and am very computery this semester (Excel, Quickbooks and ten-key) instead of accounting-y.  I need to catch up on the Quickbooks class, it's entirely online so it's kind of easy to ignore.

- J is working essentially third shift hours this week so that his company can do server update type things in off hours.  I'm used to having the house all to myself during the day when I'm between shows and so this is a little weird, having to negotiate space and tv time and things.  We talked about it some yesterday, because the same thing happens to him when I transition from being on a show (and not home in the evenings and on weekends) to home all the time.  Turns out we're both fairly solitary people and having time on our own is good.  But we're now more aware of the issue (me even more so than before) and pretty good at negotiating time.  And it is awesome to have lots of extra hugs and kisses in my day.

- We have a house guest coming to town today for a little over a week.  Our spare room is where my desk is so as much fun as it is to have people here, it always requires me to shift some habits around.  I need to finish cleaning up today so everything is ready.
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