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the coffee progression
I think I've become a coffee drinker, after resisting it for years.  Here's how it happened.

July 2009:  I move in with J who is a regular coffee drinker, so it's always around.

Last spring / early summer:  I read several articles about how caffeine consumption shortly before exercise improves performance, which makes sense when you think about it.  I decide to try it out but only on longer runs.  I add a cup of coffee to my breakfast on the days I'm going to the trail to run (going to the trail equals a run of at least five miles.)  I'm not sure if it helps as I can't run a double blind study on myself, but it certainly doesn't hurt. 

Last fall:  I started taking a college class, which meant I was up earlier than J on school days as well as running days.  Borrowing an idea from a friend I start to make coffee on those mornings so it would be ready when he got up, but still only drank it if I was running longish.

Late November/December:  show from hell.  Not enough sleep or sanity.  I started drinking coffee on the weekends to gear up for a long day, and occasionally before class too.  Also, as the weather got colder I realized I like having a warm drink in the morning.

Now:  I have a cup of coffee daily, sometimes more.  On short run days I have my coffee after I get back (before I just have some gatorade and get out the door).  According to J this was his secret plan all along.

So I've become a coffee drinker.  I don't drink it black, I prefer my coffee with a generous portion of milk (1%), though I suppose I may fall off that slope someday too.

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hahahahahahahaha. Glad we coffee drinkers won you over :D

I could never stand black coffee. In fact, my J used to drink black coffee, and now I've won him over to the creamy goodness side. We were even drinking those crazy coffee mate flavored creamers for awhile (sooo sugary!). It was more like drinking coffee ice cream. Now I'm back to just coffee with milk.

And funny, I've been trying to cut back on coffee. I survived for about a week, but the constant coffee smell in the office pulled me back in.

Once I was in a house where there was coffee all the time I think it was inevitable. Now I have to be careful not to go overboard.

I'm not sure if it helps as I can't run a double blind study on myself
And I thought science had come so far.

I don't understand how people can drink black coffee. Milk and sugar, please.

Black coffee is way too strong. J gets a hazelnut coffee so it's already a little sweet, that plus milk is perfect.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I have to be careful to not start drinking coffee all the time. J cut way back last year, it would be better if we stuck to one pot a day.

I used to drink coffee black with sugar for a long time. Then I started working in a mental hospital (no lie!) where they stocked all the flavors of International Delight creamers. I tried all of them and was hooked! So now I try different flavors each time. It's crack!

I haven't gotten to the flavored creamers yet, but I'm tempted. I figure while I'm having coffee with just milk I can still believe it's a low calorie beverage.

*evil chuckle* Welcome to the dark side!!!! Woooo Hoooo! We bagged another one!!! :-)

Noooo! I can still stop, anytime I want. I swear, mmm that smells good.

Ooooooooooh no... once you're infected, you'll never be able to shake it!!! Your soul is ours!!! *evil cackle*

No, I will totally be the one person to reverse the process!
*she says while drinking her second cup of the day*
well, damn. Dark side, here I am!

I go through phases of either coffee or tea. I grew up on tea but never had coffee until a few years ago - I never liked it until I experimented a bit. Now I'm all for cappuccinos. :D I need plenty of milk and sugar and the chocolate and froth makes them so much more exciting than just a latte ;)

I've never been very into tea, maybe I should try that too. I enjoy vanilla lattes if I'm out for coffee somewhere, but am trying to keep it a little simpler at home. I may have to try the version with milk and sugar and chocolate and froth though, that sounds amazing!

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