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bits (w/ bonus race info)
Running down the road
- Saturday morning I ran a 10K race.  It was a trail run, which I knew, but had some unusual obstacles on the course.  Like the single track section just before the first mile marker.  We had been running on a path where you could fit three, maybe four across.  Suddenly everyone stopped dead as we had to funnel down to the single track, and most of that section was walked.  Coming out of the single track we were all more spaced out, and it meant that if anyone had gone out way too fast they had a chance to recover, but unless you were at the front of the pack it pretty much toasted your pace.  The section from 3-6 miles was much hillier than I had expected.  Overall, though, it was a beautiful trail and a really nice day, I may have to visit that park area again just on my own.  I finished in 1:07:07 for 10:39 minute miles which isn't bad at all.  Especially given that my running for the last two months has been a bit lackluster.

- When I got home I registered for the Oakland 1/2 marathon at the end of March.  Now that I'm committed I need to work on adding some strength work to my schedule, specifically for my core.  I'm looking forward to picking up my miles again.

- Other than that I had a fairly lazy weekend.  Got some errands done, watched some TV, went out last night to dinner and a movie.

- I have now seen all ten movies nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.  I'm a few movies away from having several of the other big categories covered too.  Everything I still want to see is open in SF or Berkeley but I'm hoping they'll move wider, ie closer to me.  I'm not really so excited about "Rabbit Hole" for instance, to want to take the train into the city.

- I'm back on contract to prep for my next show.  I'm still not quite sure what we're going to do for three weeks and a day with a cast of two, but I guess I'll find out.
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It seems odd that there is a single track section in the middle of a race. I would suppose that people who knew the area would aim to be at the start of the pack before then. I wonder what the logic was behind including that section.

I think they wanted to show off as much of the recreation area as they could; all the types of trails they've got. It was strange but I suppose it killed everyone's pace the same way.

Nice job on the race! Though funneling everybody down to a single lane seems like a really sucktastic idea. Nice job, organizers. lol....

Good luck getting ready for the 1/2 marathon. You're just a glutton for punishment. :-p

Glutton for punishment indeed. I'm hoping to do three 1/2s this year. Mostly signing up for races keeps my butt moving, which is good for the look of my butt.

lol... well, a moving butt is a happy butt indeed.

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