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- So I'm damp. It was raining and blowing hard when I left class and had to walk across campus to my car. My umbrella actually turned inside out, and by the time I got to the car I was damp from mid-thigh down. Three hours later the hem of my pants and my socks are still wet, and I have a space heater plugged in near me to hopefully finish drying me out.

- I am taking three classes this semester, one with on campus meetings and the other two online. I've discovered that online is a little tougher for me, only because I don't have the touchstone of a regular meeting to keep me on track. I'm not horribly behind anywhere, and there is an advantage of working in larger chunks of time on my own, instead of in 75 minute class chunks. But without the one class meeting on campus to help me stay aware of where I am in the semester it could be bad.

- J is going to be out of town this weekend. I'll miss him but I'm looking forward to the chance to catch up on things like tv only I watch, some netflix disks, and homework.

- This week's Idol topic feels really broad (cracks). I have an idea I like, I think, now I just need the time to sit and type. I was close to the bottom last week, deservedly so, and it feels like there's extra pressure to be brilliant this week which has me a bit stuck.
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hmm, I hope I turned my space heater off at work today. Guess I should be on time so I can be there before my boss tomorrow :P

I was really looking forward to my J leaving, and now it's looking like he's not going to :( I always miss him when he's gone, but I also enjoy getting to catch up on tv he doesn't really like and eating things he doesn't like to eat.

I couldn't handle online classes. I have no self motivation.

heh, I unplugged the space heater at the rehearsal hall last night to be extra careful. And then plugged it in as soon as I arrived today and cranked it back up.

I'm glad it's not just me who likes alone time as well as together time with my guy. And I know J feels the same way, which helps.

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