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running in the rain
Running down the road

When I woke up this morning it was grey and cold, but not raining.  Sadly, by the time I got to the trailhead, that changed.  And it rained the whole time I was out.

Running in the rain is weird.  There are no bikers on the trail, or walkers.  Everyone is friendlier - usually runners may acknowledge each other with a nod or hello, but many are too into their head for that.  Today everyone said hello and waved.  It's as though the more people who are being crazy and running in the rain, the less insane each of us must be.  (Sadly, I don't think insanity divides, but multiplies.)  I don't know any of the other folks I saw running this morning but we're all part of a community, and this morning I really felt that.

Also, shoes that are designed to let air in to keep your feet cool are shit when you're running through puddles.  Just saying.


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Also, shoes that are designed to let air in to keep your feet cool are shit when you're running through puddles.

Ugh, don't I know it!

My toes squished for the last mile, and were prune-wrinkled by the time I got home. No fun.

Sadly, I don't think insanity divides, but multiplies

HA! I feel this way when I opt to swim a long distance or in cold water!

Exactly! It's nice to have company but doesn't eliminate the craziness of the activity. I can deal with cold, but I don't know if I could handle cold and wet for a long time.

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