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LJ Idol week 16: open topic

In college I worked on a student matinee for the first time. I didn’t have a backstage job on Romeo and Juliet, but since my class schedule was clear the day of the brat mat (clever, weren’t we?) I was roped into ushering. Before the show I took tickets and directed kids into seats, feeling oh so superior despite the fact that I was barely a year older than some of them. 

The house lights went down, and the show began.Collapse )

Juliet's improv was brilliant! Great memory.

This is one of those stories that sticks in your brain for a very long time. And 'Juliet' got noticed more for parts for the rest of her time at school after proving how quick-witted she was.

Oh, and there’s an auditorium’s worth of former high school students in Indiana who still believe that Juliet dies by ripping her own heart out.

LOL!!! But what a brilliant save from her! I seriously went OMG at "He leaned over to kiss Juliet and then moved his mouth to her ear to whisper, “I forgot the dagger; I’m sorry.” And he died." - what a position to put the poor girl in.

One of the things I love about this story is that you can immediately tell who knows R&J and who doesn't. When I get to "I forgot the dagger I'm sorry" people who know the play freak out, others just look at me like, and?

It's the kind of mistake you only make once, 'Romeo' was in my class and I remember him carefully checking his props for every show after that.

Haha true! I was like OMFG!!!!1

I can WELL imagine!

Hehe, great story! I don't know if I would've been able to think as quickly as Juliet here. Also, she didn't kick Romeo's ass for stranding her like that? :)

We never saw any public ass-kicking. They were semi-dating at the time, and that stopped by the time the show closed a few days later. Nothing kills a showmance like being forced to improv I guess.

Love the handkerchief. Yeah, in theater, you screw up big like that and most people won't ever let you forget it. :D

Oh yeah. He was a freshman when he played 'Romeo' so it was up to our class to keep it alive all the way through college, but 'Juliet' made a few of us swear we'd find a way to keep that tradition alive. I sometimes think our college theatre dept was more tradition bound than several of the fraternities.

Oy. I did a flub like that once, but in reverse.

I was supposed to take a key out of a door, so the door would seem locked when another character came.

I left the key in the door.

That's why I don't do theater any more.

Re: Oy. I did a flub like that once, but in reverse.

Oof. It's the small details that get you every time. Realizing that theatre is so exacting is a surprise to many.

Nice! lol... I think Juliet ripping her own heart out would make Shakespeare stand up and applaud, personally. lol...

Love this story.

It's certainly a dramatic choice, isn't it?

It is easily in the top 3 of my favorite theatre stories of all time. Nothing in the last decade has come close to unseating it.

Thanks! I'm glad I bought 'Juliet' a beer back in the day, I feel like I owe her one for telling this story as often as I do.