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Lent officially began yesterday, and this year I'm not giving anything up.  Though I haven't been a practicing catholic in years, I find the practice of giving something up for lent useful, as a way to start or break a habit or just to be mindful for awhile.  For the last several years I've tried to create better health habits.

This year J decided that he wants to get in better shape, but wanted to have a specific time span he was working on things.  He decided several weeks ago that he would be good from the spring equinox to the summer solstice.  So I'm going to do the same thing.  Thirteen weeks is both bearable for the unpleasant things, and hopefully long enough to cement some better habits.  We each have weight loss goals, and both of us eating healthier will be easier than one.

For me, I need to add strength and flexibility to the cardio I already have figured out.  I also plan to put flossing back into my routine (a constant battle for me), and get better about eating fruit.  I'll probably also go back to keeping a food journal because it works for me whenever I do it, even if I get bored with it after a few months.

I'll be writing out a full set of goals to post by the spring equinox; it helps to be able to have it written down.  If anything, I'm trying to be careful not to be too ambitious.  Better health here I come, I hope.
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