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-  Growing up in the midwest I am used to tornadoes, and I've lived in CA long enough to have made vague peace with the idea of earthquakes. 
But schools and roads are closed in the area for the tsunami and that is freaking me out a little.  No one in CA has been hurt so far, but several marinas have been severely damaged with boats and docks sunk or destroyed.  It's just weird.  If you or yours are more directly involved with this, may you be safe.

- In other current events, being from WI is a little weird right now.  I haven't lived or voted there for a long time, but several of my relatives (including my mom) have jobs that are going to be affected by the passage of this bill.  I am a union member and the whole thing pisses me off, especially since this all started (they said) as a way to balance the budget, and the only way they passed it was by stripping all of the budgetary issues out.  It's bait and switch and ugliness and I really wish it wasn't happening at all.  I guess you really can't go back home again.

- I am amused by watching people jockey for a good parking spot at the trailhead where I run.  There isn't a lot, so we all just park along the road leading up to the entrance.  But really, you're at the trail to walk/run/bike, does it matter that much if your car is a little further away?

- I noticed a clothes donation box in the parking lot of a local funeral home the other day, which seems a little on the nose.

- I am starting to cook for lunch.  I know that sounds a bit strange, but I've always thought of lunch as more of a sandwich type quick meal, and dinner as the big meal of the day.  But for the next several weeks I'm home during the day and leaving at 4p or so for the theatre so it makes sense to swap those meals around.  We'll see how it works out.

- The show opens tomorrow.  We haven't had afternoon rehearsal since Tuesday.  It feels weird to be at this point already, no designers were at the theatre last night which is unheard of for second preview.  But it's nice to not be scrambling.

- I am tapering down for the race now, having finished my big runs earlier this week.  I think I'm ready, but nervous about the hills.
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