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- Jaw update.  Pretty much the same.  Fun fact, ideally you should be able to fit three fingers (index to ring) in your open mouth.   Vertically not horizontally, smart ass.  I've got two on a good day, and not always that.  I'm supposed to stretch my jaw - which is actually just pushing it open as much as I can with my index fingers and thumb on my teeth - several times a day but it is scary.  The disc that was out of alignment has not yet popped back in so here I sit.  Blech.  Also, the radiologist still hasn't gotten back to the TMJ guy.  I doubt it's anything, but I dislike it still being up in the air.

- I have A's in my two first half-semester classes.  I don't really understand why they divided Quickbooks and Excel into half-semester chunks since it seems like if you need to be studying the program you probably need to do the whole book not just half of it.  But anyway I start the second half of those two classes next week.  I should also start looking at the summer schedule to figure out if there's anything I can / want to take.

- With St. Patrick's day this week I got several comments on my red hair, or about being a redhead.  Which makes me giggle since my hair isn't red naturally and right now with 1/4" of root showing I think it's pretty obvious.   I keep collecting the stories for my stylist since it was her goal from the beginning to have people assume this was my hair color.  (Best of the last few months, being asked about bridesmaid dresses for someone's wedding.)

- The show is open and going well.  I am amused how the schedule never feels totally natural when I'm in this theatre.  Here I have the keys to open and close the building, and I try to unlock by 30 minutes before crew call so they can be early if they want.  Leaving my house at 4p gets me here at 4:30p, leaving at 5p gets me here at 6p, so most often I just leave at 4p and invent things to do while hanging out by myself in a mostly dark theatre (yay for internets).  It's also a weird day somehow, leaving at 4p feels way more disruptive than leaving at noon.  Ah well.

- A huge storm is blowing through the bay area, there was actually a tornado warning in my county this morning.  I got up and it was dry, I drove to the trail and it was dry, I stretched and it was dry, then about 100 yards into my run it began to rain.  I just laughed.  It downpoured for a little while in the middle, I think this is about the wettest I've been at the finish in a long time.  But I saw no lightning or twister clouds.

- J and I have started watching Justified.  Several people had recommended it so we starting the DVR recording the second season and got the discs for season 1 on netflix.  We've been ignoring our new tv this week in favor of the show, so I think it's a keeper.

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