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Equinox to Solstice
Running down the road

So today is the spring equinox, which means it’s the start of the ‘equinox to solstice better health thing’ that J and I are doing.  I’m listing out my goals, both in things to do and numbers to strive for, along with a few known exceptions.  I plan to update at least once a month around the 20th, and maybe once a week if I get motivated enough. 


I was trying to figure out appropriate headings to divide things under or a logical order but I’m choosing to simply list.

-               - Cardio 3x a week, @ least 30 minutes each

-               - Strength / flexibility 3x a week @ least 30 minutes each

          (might be a yoga class, might be the Wii, might be doing workouts from Runner’s World)

-               - Eating a fruit and a vegetable every day

-               - Calorie counting through livestrong.com for a week, every third week of the 13 (5 total)

-               - Floss daily

-               - Wear sunscreen every time I run

-               - Do weekly full skin care routine (facial scrub, loofah, lotion, etc)

-               - Find an acupuncturist and try it

The goal of this is to get healthier overall.  I know my running will improve if my core does, and I tend to neglect everything except miles when I’m training.  But it helps if goals can be measured so –

- Weight currently 149, aiming for 142

- Pushups (girly) currently can do two or so before I have to pause (so sad), aiming for at least ten

- Situps currently around eight slow steady pushups, though I can’t keep my feet flat while doing it, want to get to 20.


Known slacker moments:

-          I am running a half-marathon on March 27, so this very first week I will not be hitting the strength/flexibility too much because I don’t want to be sore for the race.  Week two cardio will be at a minimum for recovery.

-          My cousin’s wedding is April 30.

-          I am running Bay to Breakers (12k) on May 15.


So there it is.  I welcome any suggestions, especially of ways to measure out my goals, other than just checking them as done.

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Good goals!! I want to try acupuncture too, let me know how it goes!

I will definitely report back on the acupuncture. I've heard some amazing success stories, but still have to find a practitioner here (they're all over actually, but I'd kind of like to work from a specific recommendation, you know?)

I love watching people do these things, so report report!

Strength training is the Booooooring but it does seem to make such a difference.

Heh - thanks! I am going to aim for a weekly report, less chance for me to fudge things.

That's pretty much exactly how I feel about strength training, and why I've never managed to keep going for more than a few weeks. But J has his own set of goals for this time period, so hopefully if we're both good it'll be harder for either of us to slack off.

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