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Somy weekend took an upswing from when I posted on Friday. Am not sure exactly what made the difference but I'll take it. Much better to be not so sad.

Friday night I went to see Sweet Home Alabama (cute but predictible) with Heather, and then went to Girl's night poker, with Heather, Coree, Kim, Rosie, Chris K and myself. I ended up walking away the big winner of the night which is very strange to me but cool nonetheless. I may have to start doing this weekly poker thing - though once the guys who in general have more experience come back it could be interesting.

Then Saturday and Sunday were mostly lazy days of reading,getting some life things done - laundry, groceries - and not being just by myself the whole time. Saturday I went out to lunch and got the startings of the new fish bowl, and then a big group of us went to a midnight movie. Not Flesh Gordon, but we saw Spike and Mike's Twisted Animation Festival instead. I got there early and was at the front of the line so when people were confused I got to say "Flesh over there, S&M over here". It's the little things. It also turned out to be an amusing place to people watch, since buying tickets to Flesh Gordon was a. normal b. naughty c. shameful or d. other option.

Sunday I finished all of my strike for Ragtime so I'm now done with that show forever. Yay! And I went grocery shopping which was lovely, and I bought fish. Two goldfish. I've never had a pet before, ever, that was mine to take care of so this is very exciting. I know, only fish, but I figured I should start small. If they stay alive for long enough I might even upgrade but we'll see.

And today for the first time ever I get to be in the Klutz photo that will go in next spring's catalog. I've missed the last two years even though I had been working here. Now there will be some proof of my being here. Yay!
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