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- My jaw doctor thinks that the rook piercing (kind of inner ear) in my right ear may be blocking the flow of chi or something to my jaw, and that taking it out will help fix things.  I think this may be too hippy dippy for me, especially since I haven't seen any additional improvement in a few weeks and the piercing has huge sentimental value.  A second opinion may be spendy, but I'm starting to consider it.  Hrmmm.

- I saw my endocrinologist on Friday and all is well there.  My tsh is .14 and all the tumor markers are negative.  Yay!  I will need to go off my meds again in a year (ie Marh 2012) to do another round of more in depth testing, but that won't involve being radioactive at all.

- The race is tomorrow.  I'm nervous more about the logistics of getting to and from the race and then to work than I am about running 13 miles.  I really hope the weather manages to be less wet and windy than it's been this week, either one is fine, both together is a little miserable.

- This is the end of week 1 of equinox to solstice.  I did well on all of the daily stuff: fruit/veggie, vitamens, tracking food, flossing; and did run three times this week (wearing sunscreen every time, though it felt silly when it was raining).  I didn't start a strength/flex routine at all which is bad, but I kind of planned to put that off this week because of the race.  Instead I added a new daily thing and I stretch and do a few really basic strength things every morning for ten minutes while the coffee brews.  I'm adding that to the daily list of things to do for the rest of the time period, in addition to the strength/flex routine I need to start next week.    Acknowledged slacker things for next week - I'm not tracking food tomorrow (after running 13 miles I get a one day pass), and after the race my cardio for the rest of the week will be walking.

- I am sleepy, and trying to decide if taking a nap between shows is a good thing or not.  More sleep is better, but I want to be able to fall asleep tonight without problems.  Hrmmm....
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