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monday morning.

It's my day off and I was looking forward to sitting on my ass and watching NCIS reruns all day, while maybe writing an Idol entry and otherwise fooling around on the internet.  After the race yesterday that seemed like it was fair.

(I have to do a longer post about the race but the short version: the weather was perfect, the crowd support amazing, and I set a new PR of 2:15:17 which surprised even me.)

However, last week Klutz had called to see if I might maybe be available to be on call this week, they're doing some promotion and didn't know how big it would hit.  I said sure because on call isn't the same as saying yes I'll work for you, and I value the relationship I still have with the company.  Can you guess what happens next?

So I'm about to get up and get dressed and go to Klutz today.  Probably tomorrow too.  I didn't have anything major scheduled for either day except some much needed down time but my brain feels a little spun by this.  Ah well.
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