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You know your day is going to be weird...
when you're flipping through the preset radio stations in your car and what used to be an alternative/rock station is now playing pop music in a language that is maybe Mandarin?  I listened to it for a while, it's kind of fun.
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I was totally bummed as well. Really, only one alternative station? I'll listen to other stations too, but that's one reliable station down.

Apparently the SaveAlternative format that was playing with the switch (which either I never happened to listen to or just never caught on to) is still streaming online, and will play on 92.3 Saturdays and Sundays from 8pm-12am or something like that. Which is just weird. Why have Chinese pop all the rest of the time, and than alternative for two four-hour blocks?

Switching formats occasionally makes no sense at all. I've been listening to the new station wanting to hear their DJs but haven't yet, maybe this is another version of noise being broadcast until Clear Channel can get whatever they're making the station into up and running. I'm just bummed that it's gone.

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