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bits (health and run edition)

- Equinox to Solstice update:  this week was pretty good.  For cardio the race was Sunday (more below) and I took a 2mi walk on three additional days this week.  Strength/Flex I finally got started on - doing the Wii fit 2 days this week.  Using the Wii fit feels wimpy, but then some of it is currently kicking my ass so I guess starting at wimpy makes sense.  I was at Klutz on Mon-Tues which is why I didn't Wii for a third day, but being on my feet all day packing books seems at least a reasonable replacement.  I was good on all of the daily stuff too, except for the one night I forgot about flossing until I was already tucked into bed.  Next week there are no exceptions, and I'm looking forward to running again.

- Race report!  The weather Sunday morning was lovely, overcast and 50s.  I went out fast - my watch at the 1st mile said 10:12.  I decided to ignore my watch for awhile and just relax in and find my pace.  At mile 3 my pace was 30:25 which is super fast for me.  I thought about it and debated slowing down my pace, but decided why not?  I knew there was a risk I'd bonk hard in the double digits but figured what the hell, the pace felt good and it was worth seeing if I could maintain.  I stayed around 10:10 miles through 7 or 8 and then did slow down some.  I had one ugly mile (I always seem to fall apart for one, and then can reengage.)  I finished in 2:15:17 which is a new PR, 2:17 faster than my last half.  I averaged out at 10:20 mile.

The race itself is lovely.  I like the course, it's mostly flat with rolling hills for the last three miles or so.  The crowd support was amazing, so many people came out to cheer us on.  I took a few extra steps in several places to get to the edge of the street and high five young kids who were standing there with hands up as we ran by.  The marathon and the half run the last nine miles together, but the way they stagger the start means that the marathoners are running a pace of two or so minutes a mile faster than me.  I like it, having other folks to cheer on, though it's probably annoying for them having to run through us.  I definitely want to keep this race on my calendar for next year.

- The show closes after three more performances.  I'll miss this one, but am looking forward to the time off. 
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