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LJ Idol week 20: whisper


A story about fathers and daughters...Collapse )

***This is my entry for week 20 of LJ Idol.  We're down to 51 participants so everyone is good, go
here to read other takes on the topic 'whisper'.***

Sometimes, that's *ALL* they want: just to rest in peace.

Keep the volume down, and *EVERYTHING* is just fine...

don't ask me how i know this. some tales can't be shared...

I lived in a haunted room one summer, and once I found that out I gave the ghost a name and said hello and goodbye to him when I came in and out. That much acknowledgment seems to have worked, I never had any problems.

When I left for college, my mother allegedly sat on my bed for like a week and just cried and cried. You capture that in the last paragraph. Well done!

Thanks so much. Mom told me stories about going into my room to do a quick dust and vacuum and getting stuck there for an hour or so while she looked at photos on my wall or leafed through my books. Any place we spend a lot of time gets imbued with us somehow, even if in this story Claire was sharing.