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Conversation from D&D last night

So this is hugely geeky but at D&D last night there was an ongoing joke that made all of us giggle - so I thought I'd share.

The set up:  our group was splitting up, two going across town to see the elven district, several downstairs to the bar and see what they could learn about the town, and my Shaman was going to the room to have quiet time.

Dungeon Master to me:  What do you want to do alone in your room?
(huge laughter)
Another player:  What skill check do you roll for that?
Among the suggested options were:  athletics, acrobatics, endurance, and dungeoneering

As we're moving on to the next day the DM was confirming who was where and what everyone knew.    He looked at me and asked what I had done.  I pointed out that my character was currently calm, relaxed, and happy - likely more than anyone else.

DM:  you have a point - gain an extra healing surge.
Another player:  She spent an action point though.
DM:  And now her staff is +3
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