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- I haven't been running in a week!  My right ankle  was cranky at the end of last week and being a good runner-girl I am trying not to make the injury any worse.  Even more annoying the pain has been moving around so there isn't a specific thing I can fix.  I think it's just generally weak and the Wii is what is making it unhappy - there's a lot of balance on one leg positions and apparently my ankle wasn't as strong as I thought it was.  I've been continuing to Wii and walking a lot this week.  Though my ankle is still a little twingy I'm going to try a run tomorrow.  I miss it.

- Last Sunday I made this chicken biscuit pot pie from Good Eats.  It turned out really well, though I didn't bother to calculate the calorie count - yeesh.  I still have leftover buttermilk so I'm thinking of making another batch of biscuits this weekend.  J said he'd teach me to make gravy to go with it which could be very dangerous.  I suck at gravy so it could be a disaster, but then my learning how to make my own biscuits and gravy any time I want them could be an even bigger disaster.

- I have finished all of the work I needed to do for my excel class, and I just need to get the remaining things signed off.  I'm only two chapters away from being done with Quickbooks and need to finish out 10-key.  So if all goes well I'll be done with all of my classwork by the end of this month before I go back into rehearsal.  Yay!

- Somehow this time off contract feels like it's busier than usual.  That may have something to do with working ahead in my classes, but I feel like I haven't gotten enough done or had enough sit on my ass time.  Ah, well.
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