Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,


- My jaw is still stuck. 

- After a little more than a week off from running, my ankle is all happy again.

- I bought a new dress to wear to my cousin's wedding which I am excited about.  When I walked out of the dressing room wearing it random other ladies in the fitting room told me I had to buy it.  Always a good sign.

- When you donate blood and they tell you don't exercise for 24 hours, they mean it.  (I was still excited to be able to run again so I figured I'd try a run the next morning anyway.  Bad idea.  I'm fine - it was just a draggy, unhappy run that left me drained all day.)

- However, with my recent blood donation I've now given a total of five gallons of blood.

- Last weekend J and I did some spring cleaning - I did the bathrooms and he did the kitchen.

- I have been lax in the equinox to solstice goals the past two weeks.  I was getting frustrated at tracking food so I took a break from it, at the same instant I started craving bad for me food all the time.  I've still managed a veg every day, but have been failing at fruit, and have not been making the best choices when I'm out.  The week I didn't run I walked every day, but without the extra calorie burn my weight went back up slightly.  I've created a reasonable routine on the Wii fit and a friend was going to loan me a DVD with an abs workout.  So the last few weeks have been middling; I need to find some new motivation.
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