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remember equinox to solstice?

Remember that amazing plan I had to spend three months really concentrating on my health and wellness?  Yeah, that kind of fell apart for the last three weeks.  I think it was a combination of things:  I started craving easy, bad food; we've had a house guest for several weeks which throws my morning routine off (since I'm not the only one awake); and I was trying to do much.  I already knew that at my cousin's wedding last weekend I wasn't going to bother.  So... it's time to recommit.  I call it - six weeks to solstice.  Catchy, right?

I can't quite figure out how to do less because I still want to acheive all of those goals, but I'm going to give myself permission to not do all six daily things every day.  If I fail at the same thing everyday then that will be an area to focus on next time.  I need to cut back on fast food, I've been lazy and craving french fries so I've been eating too much of it again.  Our house guest leaves later this week and we'll have the house all to ourselves for a while so I can start recreating good habits and routines.

I'm still, honestly, sucking at strength and flexibility stuff.  A friend has an amazing ab workout video he's going to loan me, and  I need to keep doing the Wii.  I know how good for me it is, and how important it is to do something strength-wise and I 'm not sure why it's so hard to sustain motivation.  Gah. 

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