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-  Today is our eighth day of work in a row.  Typically we work six and take one off, and it shows.  On the seventh day yesterday you could see information go into people's brains and then immediately drip out their ears.  Without extended down time to process I'm not sure how much of anything we're doing today is going to stick.  However, in the plus column I really like all the people in the room , and this show makes me laugh, while also saying some neat things about creativity.

- Bay to Breakers is this Sunday.  I haven't figured out how early I have to get up on Sunday yet, I'm in denial about that.  I'm considering bringing my camera this year so I have photographic proof of my fun stories, but stopping and taking pictures means it's way less likely I'll run a PR time, so I have to decide if I'm okay with that.

That's kind of it.  This week has been nothing but rehearsals and running, and if there was more my brain can't find it now.  Though this group is incredibly quotable so expect random sentences a lot.  For example:

 "I embody whimsy!"

"If I was going to die, this would be lovely.  I'm having fun."


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Well at least you like the people and are having a good time otherwise that would be a loooooooooong 8 days in a row.

Good luck with the Bay to Breakers!!! Whether you take pics or not, I hope you do well!!!

They're good people, but 8 days is still too many. Yesterday's off was mostly recovery, I'm grateful that Monday is a day off too because I need to run errands too.

Bay to Breakers was awesome this morning! I'll be posting about the race later today.

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