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race day
Running down the road
I can tell you about the nice weather, and the change in attitude of the race.  I can talk about the new waved time starts which meant there were a lot fewer people to run around for the first few miles.  But mostly I need to talk about my finish time.

I finished in 1:18:39 yesterday.

My previous PR for Bay to Breakers was 1:24:47.

I'm not quite sure where six minutes went, but awesome!  Mostly I think it's because I ran a half at the end of March so this wasn't my first race of the year and I was in better shape.  Now I just have to run all the way up the hill, and who knows?  Though to keep me humble, the top dozen or so finishers were all done with the race about the same time I got to the top of the hill just before mile three.  Heh.

The only problem with getting this much faster in a gulp is that it might make it harder to get faster next time.

Best costumes were the men in black leggings, t-shirts, and tutus with the full "black swan" face makeup on. 
And yes, I saw the salmon running down Hayes Street hill.  Eight years in a row, baby.
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That's awesome! Congrats!!

Thanks so much. I'm going to enjoy feeling super-speedy for a few days.

So impressed!

Now is not the time for me to try to get into running--since I've got increased oxygen requirements due to pregnancy and already fairly lame lungs. But I really do want to get to the point where I can run and feel awesome about it.


Starting to run right now is probably not a great choice for you, but you're already biking which will give you an edge whenever you decide to get out there.

That is awesome. You shattered your PR... that is really awesome. Congratulations on that!!!! You freaking rock!

Thanks so much. I honestly didn't believe my watch when I crossed the finish line, it was crazy.

Of course now to get faster next year will require a little more work.

Way to go! Did you get caught by the two-minute sprinkle?

If you are serious about getting faster for next year, speedwork is probably the way to go. Once a week, forcing your legs to turn over harder and faster will get them ready for a faster race pace...

But hey, enjoy this year's success before thinking about next year's!

Heh, two-minute sprinkle. That is exactly what it was.

I do speedwork very occasionally and know that I need to add it more regularly going forward if I want to keep getting faster. That or hills. Or maybe both.

Also, go you! Less than an hour is amazing, especially when training time has been tight.

Congratulations! That's awesome! And men running in tutus? What kind of race is this? XD

Heh. Bay to Breakers is kind of a combo serious race/costume contest/7.5 mile party. They were enforcing the alcohol laws closely this year, but several years ago I was in the starting corral next to two guys pushing a tapped keg in a baby stroller. It's crazy and fun, and only in San Francisco.

There are also people who run it naked, but after eight years I'm so used to them I forget to mention it. I'm not sure what that says about me, or the naked people.

Wow. That sounds like something my brother would've done. I don't know whether he did, but when he was living in Portland, I know he sometimes went down to San Francisco and I know he participated in nude runs while he was over there, so he might have XD (I wonder what it says about my brother that this is one of the few things I've learned about him from Facebook?)

The trick is that typically the people running naked are not people you would ever want to see naked.

Oh, I know. I've been to nude beaches and it's the same there. XD

Heh. The naked people at the race wear either a bright yellow hat or have a bright yellow balloon so you can either find them or avert your eyes as you choose. But most of them are over 50 and very jiggly.

I ran it this year too, first time since college! and first time sober! We seemed to be more like 1:33, but were also way back in F corral. no way we could run the hill, everyone was just stopped into a slow slog. But it was fun!

You were there? Pooh on missing you. Of course, I had to bail pretty immediately to get to work so I didn't see much of anyone behind me, and I'm guessing that's where all the cool costumes were.

Yeah the hill slows down the further up it you get. I ran two blocks, walked two, and then tried to run over the top. BtoB isn't really about time for me (though whoo for this year) it's just so distinctly SF and fun that it needs to be done.

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