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goodbye to Idol
So, I was voted out of LJ Idol last week.  I finished 24th overall (in week 25) which is pretty amazing, and further than I've gotten in the previous two seasons I played.  This feels like a good time to be done actually - I can reasonably hope to still do better than this next season, and I'm about to go into tech so time to write will be harder to find.

I did write more fiction this season which was interesting because it wasn't intentional.  It also seems like the stuff other folks most remember is the silly nonfiction stories.  I am planning to create for myself a list of everything I've written for this game, because I'm curious to see how my writing has changed over the past three years.  Also, it feeds my need for lists and spreadsheets - heh.

I do want to thank my boyfriend J who puts up with me angsting about the poll or finding partners.  He also helps me brainstorm ways to approach the topic every week and is my regular editor.  Without him I wouldn't have made it this far.

I've met great people through this game and playing it means my creative genes don't get totally rusty.  It's been a great ride. 

(Also, I feel bad because people have been writing incredibly eloquent goodbye posts and this feels a little - meh.  Then again, no one is voting on this, so neener.)

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Haha, I thought your goodbye was very eloquent! I've enjoyed your work and I'm glad to have you on my list so I can continue to read :)

New friends are my favorite part! I'm looking forward to reading more of your stuff as well.


I really enjoyed your entries this season (last season too, but that seems so long ago now that it's hard to pinpoint my favorites from last season). You had a couple of stories that have stuck with me, and with all the stories I read from week to week, that's saying something!

Also, it was a pleasure getting to work with you on an intersection :) Glad that we became friends this season!

Aww. Eloquence is not important! I was sorry to see you out of the game because you were definitely one of my absolute favourites this season. Both the silly nonfiction and the awesome fiction captured my attention so much! But you make a good point about it being easier to make it further next time. :D

You did good :o)

(I would vote for this too. In fact, I HAVE voted for this. In my head. So neener.)

Aww, I like your submissions. Looking forward to next season!

Also, totally love your need for spreadsheets. I love spreadsheets and all the fun things that you can do with them!

Thanks! It's good to know that a few of the people who aren't playing the competition enjoy reading all the craziness that comes out of it too.

Spreadsheets are a goodness.

Aww, I was sorry to see you go out this week. I haven't read as much this season as I had last season, but was starting to read everything again.

Are you going to write more of your fiction piece from last year? I still would like to see more of that world.

I have 10,000 or so words of that fiction universe in a file somewhere, that I haven't looked at in a year. I need to pull it out, read what I've got and push forward with it. I don't know what I'll ever do with it, but I think coming up with the entire story would be good for me.

Now, we just need to suck you into actually playing.

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