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The comic project continues, I got through six short boxes yesterday, have at least three short boxes left (I'm not sure how many are in the storage unit outside) along with all of the graphic novels that are on bookshelves, and the stack from the last six months that I've read but not put away yet, and the half-filled long box in the bedroom.

But that's not really what this is about.  I found out something yesterday that blew my mind.

Preacher ended with issue #66.

'So what?' you're thinking.  'That was over a decade ago,' you laugh.

People, my Preacher collection ends with issue #65.

I've been trying to figure out how the hell this happened.  Preacher ended in the summer when I was moving from IN to CA so I was canceling the pull at one shop to start a new one, issue #65 was the end of a story arc emblazoned 'part 7 of 7' and a nice round number, and I knew the story was ending.  So somehow, I completely missed that there was anything more.

I'm going to haunt the few online places I usually use for back issues (but over a decade ago - unlikely) and if worst comes to worst I'll buy the last collection, even though I already own 7/8ths of it, so I can find out how the story is actually supposed to end.
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