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mr yuk
Last night I was sitting in a friend's backyard, eating yummy food.  A bee was flying around which a few people commented on; I told them not to worry, lately everything liked to bite me so they were safe.  Approximately five minutes later I was stung by the bee. 

On the INSIDE of my top lip.**

I don't know which god of the insects I've pissed off, or how, but I would happily make amends if I only knew what to do. 

On the plus side, with my lip hurting I hardly noticed the itching for several hours.  And I am now a poster child for the phrase 'bee-stung lips'.

**I had dipped a piece of bread into a dish of melted butter, and as I lifted it to chomp glanced away.  The bee landed on the bread while it was around 6" from my mouth and in motion (I think maybe he used me to commit bee suicide).  Thus, I bit down on bread and bee and got stung inside my lip.

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Yeah it was a world of not okay. Today it's still swollen but has stopped hurting.

That sucks! :( You wonder why some people pay good money for those results! Hope your lips feel like your lips again soon!

Yeah, I'm not sure why anyone wants to look like this. It's a cross between lip plumping and joker venom. The swelling still feels weird but hurts a lot less.

Ouch! I hope you heal up soon!!

The swelling is mostly gone, though the inside of my lip still feels weird. At least I now have proof that I'm not unusually allergic to bees.


I hope there was some Benadryl onhand... and no photo ops for a while. Yeesh!

Luckily the hosts had an antihistamine around so I took that immediately, and applied an ice pack.

My mouth looks more like my own now, though my lip still feels a little weird.

Holy crap, you seriously better figure out and make amends with whatever insect deity you have pissed of!!! Yikes, lady. That is just brutal.

Hope you're okay!

I'm fine, and the swelling is nearly gone today.

August appears to not be on my side - today I discovered at dinner that I'm wearing my underwear inside out. *shakes head*

Wow seriously, you need to make amends with whatever gods you managed to irritate. They seem bound and determined to end you! :-p

omg that makes me want to cry!

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