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-  The exterminator came on Thursday.  J had explained our theory that the fleas were mostly outside -  there is a grassy area about 8' wide that is between the patio fences of the downstairs apartments and the neighbors' fences, which ends in the hedge that J parks next to.  The exterminator stepped into that area and immediately could see fleas jumping on to him, he described it as 'completely infested'.  So the idea that we've been regularly bringing fleas in with us seems to be an accurate one.  I also found out that most species of flea can't reproduce if they're only getting human blood.  I'm not so pollyanna as to think we have no eggs or larva in the house, since I'm sure we had some well-fed mamas ride in, but that does bode well for the fleas in the house being on the down slope, as long as we can avoid reseeding them.

-  What happens next?  J is parking in my spot and I'm parking on the street so we can avoid the hedge area as much as possible until it's sprayed.  The exterminator is coming back to do that some point soon.  We're still vacuuming daily.  And...

-  Yesterday we did all the laundry.  If it was fabric and moveable - we washed it.  It was a full truckload of laundry which equaled six triple load washers, four double load, and one single load of clothes/sheets/towels/everything else.  We have three garbage bags of laundry left to do which is primarily stuff from the linen closet, and I have bags labeled 'hand wash', 'dryel', and 'dry clean' left to deal with.  I also have two full bags to go to Goodwill, there's something very motivating about seeing all of your clothes spread out at the same time.  Favorite moment, J was helping me fold my socks and panties and got to a thong.  "How do you do this, there isn't anything here to fold?"  Heh.

-  We're at the end of the first week of rehearsals.  I am not enthusiastic about this one so far.

-  I'm planning to run a half-marathon in late October, and a shorter 9k race at the end of this month.

-  Classes start next week - I'm only taking one this semester, but it's M-Th from 10-11a which is a lot of driving to and from campus and a time commitment on all of my official days off.  Ugh.

-  The flea bites still itch, the sunburn is still peeling, and my lip is still swollen from the bee sting.  I am the height of attractiveness.
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