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quickie update
- The exterminator has been twice to spray (a week ago Monday and last Saturday).  All of last week we continued to vacuum daily and park not near the hedge, this week we returned to normal parking conditions and have been slacking off on the vacuuming.  I got around half a dozen bites last week, a few this week, but given that those were once my daily totals we seem to have this thing vaguely under control. 

- I really don't like tthe show I'm working on.  We started tech last night and it's coming together reasonably well so far.  But the source material isn't my favorite, and the adaption distills the book into my least favorite parts.  On top of that, I think we're doing it wrong.  This cast is lovely (well with one exception that proves the rule), but I think the direction of the show is just bad.  It could be a long weekend.

- Classes started on Wednesday.  My professor was out both days so we've been guest taught by two other accounting profs.  I'm hoping we'll soon get to the 'teacher isn't there so go home' rule.  Also the first homework is due on Monday.  I'm working 30ish hours in the next three days so I guess I'll be doing that at the last minute.

- The D&D campaign I've been playing in for more than a year has hit an interpersonal snag, and may be dying.

- I'm tired.  I don't operate on six hours of sleep a night the way I used to any more, and less than is nearly impossible.  However, my body keeps waking up 30 minutes or so before the alarm goes off.  Which is 30 minutes I could still be asleep!  Very confusing.

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Glad you are getting bit less and less!

I've been waking up about 30 minutes before the alarm as well lately!! It's so annoying.

Me too. The annoying this is my alarm has been set somewhere between 8 and 8:30a all week and I keep waking up at 7:45 no matter what. Boo.

My alarm is set for about 5:30 and like clock work I wake up between 4:45 and 5:00 lately. It's SO annoying.

Heh - the time your alarm is set for makes me feel bad about compaining about 7:30-7:45. Everything is relative I suppose.

Yup, that's exactly right.

But I haven't stabbed anyone yet so I'm doing good.

Aww, J has had a similar problem lately. And I feel bad, but I've been soooo tired too! Because my sleep gets interrupted so much between him and the dogs, but then I do basically nothing all day, and he works like 12 hours a day/7 days a week. Today he has a much needed day off and I keep bugging him to do things, but I'm just happy to have company :P

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