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- Remember how we were going to slowly relax the flea fighting measures? Well early last week they just stopped dead, due to my tech and having no time. Over the weekend I got a few bites on my lower legs but they didn't so much look like flea bites (and I was home so little it seemed unlikely anyway). This morning I woke up with a bloom (a rash, a pattern?) of a dozen bites on my right lower back, right around where the waistline of a pair of pants would be. Dammit. I'll be vacuuming later today.

- Previews start tonight. Technically this show is in good shape, though the director still has tons of acting notes. Which is annoying at this stage when we should be polishing the show that already exists, not trying to bend it into a new show.  (Also, if you want the show to be shorter you shouldn't have added 15 minutes of stuff.  Taking the unnecessary pauses out isn't going to equal 15 minutes.)

- I got five words from tigrkittn and I am acknowledging here that I have been lax in finishing them (I have two written) but I wil do it by the end of this week.

- Apparently the west coast had something to prove and there was also an earthquake here last night, J felt it at the apartment.  Turning on news radio yesterday was fun all day.

- The actual professor for my class is still out this week, so we're only having class two of four days when another prof can cover.  I think that may be saving my sanity this week.

Alright, I need to go for a run and then pul the calamine lotion back out. 

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