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The five words meme was going around again a few weeks ago, and I asked for and received five words from tigrkittn.  Several weeks later - here are my musings.


I acted in my first show the summer I was 15 and was hooked; I was going to be an actress. I auditioned for everything at my high school, which wasn’t much, and managed to get into a really good college for theater stuff, more on the strength of my grades and enthusiasm than on my talent. I wasn’t cast in anything my freshman year, so I turned to crewing shows to stay involved. (This story I wrote for Idol is actually about the very first show I ever worked at college, and was when I discovered that backstage even existed.) During my sophomore year there I realized that I was spending more time and energy on all of the tech things I was doing than my acting, and changed my focus to lighting design and stage management. When I graduated I decided to focus just on stage mgmt; figuring that there were fewer people out there fighting to stage manage shows than light them.

After college I did an internship, and then spent a few years working a variety of temp jobs while I worked crew for shows. Then I got my current job as a resident stage mgr which I’ve held for the last eleven years.

There are still a lot of things I love about theatre – we’re playing make believe for a living, and I’m good at this job. But after more than a decade the evening and weekend hours are getting really old. I also have a lot less cope left for stupid things or people, and some of the staff who’ve been here for all of the time I’ve been here fall directly into that category. It’s possible that if I moved to a different company I could keep doing this job for a while longer, but right now I just want to get out. Of course I’m also writing this while in tech for one of my least favorite shows in a long time – this spring after having two great experiences in a row I was thinking I could last a while longer.


I am a runner. I caught the bug from my parents. First Dad started to run when I was in grade school, and I would do the kids’ fun run alongside his races. By HS I was too busy and that petered out. Years later Mom decided to run a marathon before she was 50, and then ran a few more – including Boston. That got me started again – when your Mom runs marathons you can run a few miles.

I’ve been running on and off since 2003. I’ve managed to run the Bay to Breakers race every year starting in 2004, so it’s my touchstone – mid-May I’m moving. I’ve run several half-marathons (seven I think? I’m doing this from memory) and I really like that distance. It’s far enough (13.1 miles) that I have to push to get my training miles up and work at it, but not so far it takes over my entire life. The first one I ran I finished around 2:45, and the most recent at the end of March was 2:15:17. I run races mostly for the motivational factor, once I’ve paid the cash I’m unlikely to back out, and if I’m going to run I want to do well.

Getting faster is the next goal. I’d like to regularly break ten minute miles someday. I know what that requires: strength work, hills and sprints, yoga regularly – but every time I create a new plan and get serious about adding some or all of these things it falls apart. Either a life something happens; or I try to do all of it and then once I’m past the newness none of it happens.


Grandma taught me to crochet when I was eight or nine, and to knit a few years after that. She taught me all of the basics, and when I joined 4-H I had an awesome teacher there who helped me tackle bigger and more complex projects. Since leaving 4-H I’m mostly self taught.

I still think of myself as a knitter even though I don’t actually sit down with yarn and needles (or a hook) very often anymore. My yarn stash fills a 40 gallon storage tub, and a few other boxes. I have several projects with a pattern, yarn, needles, and notions all together – just not started. Instead I make a lot of socks and scarves – the things I know and can easily do while watching tv (or calling a show). I need to make knitting a priority again – starting a new project requires focus and attention for a while, but most everything becomes a project that can be done while distracted.

I’m thrilled that knitting has made a cultural comeback, but it feels weird sometimes that knitting got cool. I enjoy making something that can be worn or is useful, but even more I value it for the connection it has to the past and my grandma.


J is the tenth letter in the alphabet.  Or J is my boyfriend, who really needs a better LJ nickname than an initial. He’s entirely awesome. We met about five years ago – he had moved back to the bay area and was a friend of friends so we met at a few dinners and group outings. We attended the same New Years Eve party on Dec 31, 2006 and, well, we broke a chair. We started seeing each other casually, and as time went on got more serious. We moved in together just over two years ago.

He is funny and smart and wonderful. He works with computers and also plays the guitar. He might actually own more books than I do. I’m not ‘nothing without him’ – I hate that trope, I’m always something - but my life is better with him in it. I’m grateful we found each other when we did because we were both old enough to have learned some things about how relationships work and therefore avoided at least some of the petty bullshit that happens as couples figure each other out. tigrkittn joked recently that I needed to come up with something bad to say about him, that he was too perfect. And sure there’s some stuff that gets on my nerves a bit, but it’s all small stuff, and not worth talking about. I’d rather tell people that he me made me laugh hysterically when I came home hugely grumpy a few nights ago. Or that I walked him to the door as he was leaving for work this morning to get a few more kisses.


I’ve had this LJ account since September 19, 2002. I used it pretty sporadically at the start, and only had a few folks I knew IRL friended. As I started to spend more time online I made a few other LJ friends. Then in 2005 I found TWOP, specifically the VM4 and the SNSFs. Suddenly I had friends I only knew through pixels and LJ was the place to learn more about them. In 2008 I started playing therealljidol and so stayed even more connected to this place, and met even more wonderful folks.

I don’t have a facebook account, or google+, or twitter, or really any other online presence except here. I’m really okay with that, though friends keep pushing me to join other places so I’d be more accessible. But I like that this platform values words. I enjoy the window into other lives I get on my flist – and try to be consistent about leaving open an interesting window into my life as well. I never thought I’d have close friends who I’ve never spoken too, but this place introduced me to them.

If anyone wants more details on one of these topics holler.  Or if there's some other something you're curious to know or have me chat about just ask.  I'll get back to you in less than a month.
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