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The show is open. 
J got a promotion. 
The actual professor for my class showed up yesterday, so we had orientation to start the third week of class. 
J is down south with his dad who's having some health issues, probably all week.  I miss him.
I called my parents yesterday. 
I'm having lunch with a friend who is getting a divorce.  I had dinner with the other half on Friday - I knew them both before they got together.
My race on Sunday went well, I finished about as I expected (but not where I had hoped).
My phone was being stupid last night and telling me I had no service in my apartment. (I almost didn't get to talk to J.)   I wonder if it's so old that the network upgrades are passing it by.
I received beatiful earrings I had won in an online auction yesterday, it felt like a present to me that arrived at just the right time.

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