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things I learned this weekend

- If you walk away from the ATM machine without taking your card out, the machine eats it.  (Brilliant security move, pain in the ass when you realize a few minutes later.  A new card is in the mail.)

- If your car has been sounding more 'wha wha wha' than 'grrrrr' before it starts it's a problem with the battery/alternator.  Which you probably want to have checked out before your car goes 'wha wha wha - nothing' when you're supposed to be leaving for work and your boyfriend is on the other side of the state.  This morning, I'm calling AAA for a jump and diagnostics.

So yeah.  Also the show closed (after adding three shows in an extension week).  I'm not going to miss the show at all except for the knitting time it afforded, though I did like the cast and crew.  I'm missing class today dealing with the car and have a midterm tomorrow so I'll have to study on my own this afternoon.  I really need to get moving and start my day, and apparently I really don't want to at all.
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