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- The car has a new battery and is much happier.  I got there in kind of a round-about way, because the car started on Monday morning, albeit slowly, then ran fine for the afternoon.  Tuesday it started slowly again, and when I got home from class I checked the service records for my car.  Which showed that it was recommended I get a new battery 12/09 and as far as I can see hadn't replaced it since at least 07.  So yeah.

- The knitting now has purple stripes in it.  The color is a little more saturated than I had anticipated using with the pink, but tonally it matches really well.  I want to get pass the striping into the solid purple (thanks shadowwolf13 for the brilliant ombre idea) and then I will take photos.

- The second part of my accounting test was today and was easier than yesterday.  Telling you exactly which principle means what I'm a little shaky on; actually journalizing entries, making adjustments, and closing entries I can do.

- I think I need to figure out a project for myself while I'm between shows this time.  I'm still in 'sit on my butt' mode but can tell I'm starting to get a bit antsy.

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Oh awesome! I'm glad that worked out so well for you. :D Any chance we'll get pictures when you're done? :D

Well, done is going to take awhile, but I'm definitely going to put up photos when I finish the first half (the basic pattern is make two rectangles, sew together) which should be in a week or so, now that it's cooled down enough to knit comfortably again.

Glad that your car is happy again! Sad cars are a bad thing to have!

Glad that the second part of your test was easier.

A project? Write something maybe?

Sad cars are no good. Amusingly changing the battery would have been faster if the friend helping hadn't needed to knock corrosion build up off the connectors (d'oh!)

I should write something, instead I've been mainlining movies. Maybe if I take enough stories in I'll feel the need to write one again.

hey, I've done that before... just ingest a ton of movies and tv shows and whatnot... let it percolate somewhere in my head and before you know it, poof, you have a story idea. Gotta get input from somewhere!

Can't wait to see the finished product!

I'm very excited, I sign bought a Groupon deal for a knitting class! Can't wait to sign up for the actual class.

Thanks! I haven't knit anything bigger than a pair of socks in a while so keeping up the motivation is tricky.

Yay for more knitters! I hope your class is awesome.

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