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- The car has a new battery and is much happier.  I got there in kind of a round-about way, because the car started on Monday morning, albeit slowly, then ran fine for the afternoon.  Tuesday it started slowly again, and when I got home from class I checked the service records for my car.  Which showed that it was recommended I get a new battery 12/09 and as far as I can see hadn't replaced it since at least 07.  So yeah.

- The knitting now has purple stripes in it.  The color is a little more saturated than I had anticipated using with the pink, but tonally it matches really well.  I want to get pass the striping into the solid purple (thanks shadowwolf13 for the brilliant ombre idea) and then I will take photos.

- The second part of my accounting test was today and was easier than yesterday.  Telling you exactly which principle means what I'm a little shaky on; actually journalizing entries, making adjustments, and closing entries I can do.

- I think I need to figure out a project for myself while I'm between shows this time.  I'm still in 'sit on my butt' mode but can tell I'm starting to get a bit antsy.
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