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week in review
Interestingly I keep writing long thoughtful LJ posts in my head during the day, but I keep not getting them actually typed out. Maybe soon.  In the meantime...

-I got my test back and scored 100/100.  I like school, I am one of those people who has always thought school is relatively easy.  Can I just stay a student?
-The professor for my class obviously knows his stuff, but he doesn't seem to teach it very well.  His test had things lined out with black marker and things handwritten in, and you kind of had to infer the meanings of some things from other places.  The lack of organization and planning is driving me a little nuts.
-I cooked a cassoulet earlier this week that had me chopping veggies for nearly 30 minutes - it was so yummy and a perfect fall dish.
-Of course we only got cool and rainy for about a week, now it's getting warmer again.  I'm really ready for autumn to stay.
-I ran 12 miles yesterday.  Oddly, it felt better than the 10 miler the week before.  I still think I'm going to be slower at the race in a few weeks, but moving is good.
-I made it to SF to see a friend in a play reading last night.  It was really good, he was really good, and I need to remember to step outside my comfort zone occasionally.  (Also, I won a raffle prize!)
-The early production meeting for my next show was this week, and it already makes me tired.  I'm going to work really hard on not letting my cynicism overwhelm  me on this one, and will likely be looking for tips.
-I finished a wonderful book called "Truck" by Mike Perry.  It may not resonate for folks who aren't from the upper Midwest the way it did for me, but it feels a bit like several of my uncles got together and expressed some basic life truths to someone who was able to use words beautifully.  It also made me miss home.
-The draft for the fantasy hockey league I'm in was this week.  My computer got stupid just before it began so the night was a bit frustrating for me; I feel like I need to really look at who my players are now that things have settled.  Mostly I just want to beat J again this year, we'll see if that happens.
-I've been watching a lot of movies, working on catching up on my netflix list.  And it doubles as knitting time, so it works out nicely.  I've been doing mini-runs with a single actor - last week was Kurt Russell. 
-LJ Idol is coming back soon.  I'm still undecided about this year.  It gets me here and writing which is good, but I find myself occasionally thinking of something I want to write about, and then thinking I should save it for Idol.  Of course, I rarely remember it later and so the idea just drifts away.

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Congrats on the rockin' test score! Wooo Hoooo!

12 miles? Yikes! I get tired if I *drive* that far. :-p Good on you though. Serious kudos.

Who did you pick up in your draft?

And yes... do Idol. :-)

Thanks and thanks. I'm amused that any running mileage in double digits seems to require the obligatory insanity comment as well as congrats, not just from you - everyone does it.

I have Rick Nash and Cam Ward and honestly they're the only two I remember right now. Very sad.

Heh, I think it'll likely depend on my mood during the sign up window.

It's because most of us are such lazy, slothful beasts that we can't comprehend running mileage in the single digits let alone the double digits... and we are ashamed and so we must marvel at your accomplishments! And I'm totally serious. :-)

The clock is ticking on that there sign-up window. Just sayin'. :-p

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